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naskah drama singkat bahasa inggris

          In a forest, there is a rabbit that arogant. He likes to to taunt other animals that we are weaker. Other animals such as turtles, snails, ants and other small animals nobody likes arogant in rabbit.
One day, the rabbit met a lot of other animals
Rabbit : hey you, where are u going??
Ant : we want to go to see our friend is sick.
Snail : yes, so we qickly rush.
Rabbit : haaaaaaa,,, quickly??
Snails : yes,, why??
Rabbit : running really slow like this??
Ants : ahhh,, so proud you’re rabbit. Come on, let him, “snails” let’s go.
Rabbit : ha ha ha, the running is like this. (by running very past)
Snails : ah, proud of him, i hope he get a reply. Let us cotinue our jurney aunt.
                They continued their journey
                The next day, the raabbit runs arrogantly looking for a week opponent being mocked by the rabbit. Incidentally he met with the turtoise.
Rabbit : hey the turtle, the slow, you dont run jurt the way... so, let me past.
Turtle : let the rabbit,, is a slow past. Yhe important thing i gotsafety to my destination,  rather. Than qickly later fell and injured.
Rabbit : hey turtle, how if we have a contest run. If you can win, i’ll give you whatever you ask for a gift.
Turtle : well rabit,  how could i compete with you, you run and jump qickly, while i go step by step, carrying my heavy house.
Rabbit : no way, you cant not resist this challenge. Anyway, tomorrow morning i,m waiting for u under the palm tree. I’ll call the wolf to be referee,  and also called the snail, aunt and the other animals.
                The turtoise could only stare silenty. In his heart said, “ how can i possible beat the rabbit??”
                The next day, rabbit was waiting proudly under the tree. Mw. Wolf also has come to be a referee. Ants, snails and other animals had already come to watch them.
Wolves : the rules are like this, you start from the line over  there under the mango tree. Can you see??
Rabbit : yes, i saw it.
Turtle : yes, i also saw it.
Ant : let turtles, rabbit beat the cocky.
Rabbit : ha ha ha, i would be winner.
Snail : huh,, very arogant.
Wolves : well,  now we start. Getting ready, one, two, three. Go,,,,,,
                Rabbits were immediately sped away leaving the turtles run.
Rabbit : hey turtle,, come on run, i’m waiting you there (turtle shouted from a distance as he ran streaking away leaving turtle)
                Rabbit sitting around and singing. The wnd than blows softly and cool, making the rabbit became drowsy, and, soon fell asleep. Slowly but surely the turtle move mighty. Qiuetly he passed pacefully. A few more steps he will reach the finish.
Ants : see, it’s turtle.
Snail : let turtle, ihope you win.
                How shocked he was when he saw the turtoise has almost reached the finish. Hard he ran and jumped to catch the turtoise. But i was to late, turtoise food had touched the finishh line and Mr. Wolf has decided that the winner is THE TURTOISE. The arrogant hare paused as if not believing that the could fall asleep.
Wolves : so, the winner is the turtle......
Snail : hey bunny, now you’ve lose. Would you still be proud??
Rabbit : okay,, i’ll keep my promise turtle. Now, what is your request?
Turtle : i ask you don’t be arogant again and you should not taunt  other animals.
Rabbit : ok. I have receive, from now on i will not cooky anymore. And i would oppreciate other animals. I’m sorry.
Turtle : well, we fogive you. Now we are friend.
                And from that time, the rabbit turn into good and not cocky anymore. And they are became friend.

Name :
Birrul Walidaen M
Balarama Dwipayana
Ria Anggraini Kusuma Ayu
Agus Setiawan
Joni Antara


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